The challenge

See me as the pen-tester you can hire.

The difference is that I can do it for free (* I”m always open for beers and swag though). I’m not here to make money and therefore I look at things totally different than a consultancy firm would do. Yet I’m also not going to provide you with a 20-page document outlining every detail of your application.

What I will do is try to do things an attack will do and provide you the details on what this is and how you can fix it.

In return, I hope you have a cool application that I can explore. Gain new skills and brag with the fact that I found something for my online friends. So I will ask permission to share my experiences and disclose things after you had the chance to fix it. We will communicate on this.

This is how I want to start. I just need consent that I can do my magic.

For big companies?

Same story. Yet I do feel that you should be able to compensate in some way. No worries though. If you are a manager/developer and having a lot of troubles getting funds in your massive corporate company: I will just work for free and hopefully with my work you can prove your management that security is actually important. I can help you accomplish this.

Ok, heard enough? Hit me up on the contact page