Please read my challenge page first, if that’s what you want to do ;)

This is just an easy way to get in touch. Hopefully, we can talk further via e-mail, skype, slack or whatever suits us best. But it can be useful to already provide me some information, like what is the “target” / scope or what do you want to achieve? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything until we have discussed a few things: I really, really, need to confirm you actually own the “target” or have the proper consent. Also, there must be some sort of scope I can act on ( we can look at this together if you want).

Obviously, it is fine to contact me with whatever you want, as long as it’s not spam, requests to hack your ex, etc.

For privacy please read privacy & security

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I use the data from this form to get in touch with you, that's it. This form will post the data secure to an API which will sent me a notification which gets deleted in 30 days. Your e-mail will be used by me to contact you, but will not be stored anywhere other than our conversation. I do this service for a hobby, not to process user data.