privacy & security

Even though this is just a simple personal project I will do my best to provide information regarding your privacy. If you feel like something is missing, just get in touch.

Who is this? - a personal hobby project of Wiard van Rij with no affiliation to any company


I don’t collect analytics information but the contact form uses recaptcha v3 from Google. This website uses no cookies either. Since cloudflare is in front of this website, some information regarding the number of visitors and their location is logged. Please read their privacy policy:

Contact form

The contact form POST’s it’s data to an app engine in Google Cloud. It then will save the data in Slack where it gets deleted when I contact you back. There is no persistent storage. This data is merely used to get in contact.


Services can be provided in which new data is created. This data will be handled with care. Any work will be written with the help of Google Docs but will be deleted after processing. This means you will receive my work and that’s it. I might ask you permission to disclose the work. In which I will write a blog post and/or talk about it on events. You can proof-read this before publication.

Information regarding data

At any given moment you can ask me what data I have (of you) and you can act upon this (request for deletion). Please use the correct way using the GDPR policy to request this.


Obviously, it is ok to make this website more secure but follow my rules:

  • - Automated testing is not permitted.
  • - No bruteforce and/or DDoS
  • - Don’t disclose information until I have time to fix it
  • - Contact me with my contact form, if needed we can e-mail securely after
  • - Honor 3rd party rules

If you can honor that I will respond within 10 working days (Sorry this is just a hobby, I do go on vacation) and will do my best to fix this within 30 days depending on the issue. I will provide clear communication in the process. In general, issues will be fixed within days.